I Love Laguna

I Love Laguna

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It is always a pleasure to visit Laguna Beach. This year is no exception. Having a fantastic visit!

Laguna is getting ready for the holidays. They start by lighting their palm trees.

They have decorated street poles with painted palettes. I especially like this fantasy – the Main Beach Lifeguard station in snow! Never gonna happen, but is fun to imagine.

The Wyland whale wall was looking especially surreal on this visit.

Speaking of surreal, I had to do a double-take when I spotted this scene.

Have to try that trick at home. I wonder if I can find ceramic Ragdolls? Staying in the surreal category, the beach is filled with art too. Took me a moment to discern that this genie is not on a magic carpet. In SoCal, they have magic skateboards!

And I leave you with an epic sunset over Catalina.

Hope everyone is having a sunshiny week too!

Put Another Candle

Put Another Candle

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Another birthday has come and gone. That’s really I have to say about that. Is this one better than the last. Absolutely! (You know I would say that no matter what.)

One of the travel highlights of the summer was never published (bad girl!), so here it is. Hiking in Newfoundland. Wow! What a place. Incredibly friendly locals, beautiful scenery and world-class hiking. The whales were immense! Would definitely go back. We only hiked 1/2 of the East Coast Trail, so there is much more to see. We stayed in a house on a cliff overlooking the sea. Perfection!

Random Monday

Random Monday

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Editor’s Note: This post was intended to be published two weeks ago. Duh!


It’s been a weekend for celebrating! The last few weeks have been busy, so it was nice to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. The garden is absolutely bursting. If your garden isn’t thriving in this weather (bountiful rain and sunshine), you need to turn in your trowel.


I visited Cleveland for a quick business trip. This statue was across from the hotel. It was a foggy morning and I almost slept in, but I am glad I went out. I really like  the emotion this piece shows. Makes me want to reach for the sky too.

A family reunion followed. The usual suspects, including the big cousins and their little dogs.

Hope everyone is off to a great week!




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I’ve just returned from a business trip to the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Resort in Cambridge, Maryland. Although it was an industry conference and my attendance was required at specific events, I did find time to enjoy the bounties of the bay.

I have always wanted to visit the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.  Since it was only a few minutes away, I planned a photo hike. The Refuge has the second largest population of Bald Eagles on the East Coast (FL Everglades is #1) and I wanted a shot. I contacted a local nature guide named Susan Meredith and off we went IN A KAYAK.

Her business is Blackwater Paddle and Pedal. They operate from a very old store near the Refuge. Harriet Tubman did her work in this area and was a frequent visitor of this old general store. It was very cool.

I have to say that I was not expecting to get in a kayak. I really thought we were hiking. But, hey, I’m game. Just a little wary of all of that water and my lenses. NOTE: No lens was harmed taking these pictures.

Before we got to the eagles though, we had to cross a nest of snakes. No, I did not ask what type of snake this was. She wasn’t offering, and I wasn’t asking. I just assumed it was not a snake I wanted to pet, so we continued onwards.

Once that was over, wildlife was abundant. Ospreys are everywhere. We encountered a nest building operation underway.


Blue herons were enjoying the morning.

And of course, there were eagles just hanging out.

And eagles flying.

The nature path at the hotel was filled with flora and fauna too. This was a little drier experience, but not by much as it rained during my trek. But the wildlife was pedestrian, just your standard deer.

And standard geesies.

I had a beautiful view from my room.

And, oh! I finished a sweater. Introducing “Bailey’s Irish Cream”. The yarn is Shalimar Breathless DK- a blend of merino/silk/cashmere. Yes, it is as soft and yummy as it looks! Makes me crave some cool weather. Happy June everyone!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Hooray Hooray

Hooray Hooray

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So, does anyone know the old ditty “hooray hooray it’s the first of May, outdoor f*****g begins today”? One of my faves, sing it every year!

Annapolis’ May Day baskets were still standing strong on the 5th as JLM and I strolled through town.  A blustery breeze was blowing, but I managed to shoot a few of my favorite doors and baskets. Enjoy!

Anyone spot my old house? Hint: Looks for Wells.

P.S. I haven’t mastered the Gallery feature of this blog, so you need to double-click on an image to enjoy it fully. Will figure out how to scroll through soon!



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Another large project completed. I am accumulating a large pile of beautiful blankets that I can’t put on permanent display due to a certain cat who loves to grab whatever is hanging over the couch with her claws and wrap herself in it.

The pattern is Cornerstone, designed by the fabulous Mason Dixon ladies. The pattern was purchased for a good cause. From their Ravelry design page:

Sales of this pattern support Hurricane Sandy relief. Citymeals-on-Wheels https://www.citymeals.org/support-us is one of many New York City organizations that mobilized immediately to assist New York’s homebound elderly population in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. All proceeds, net of Paypal fees, will be donated by the designer to Citymeals-on-Wheels.

The white yarn is Spud & Chloe Sweater (50% cotton/50% wool), so it is nice and heavy and soft. The multi-color yarn is Noro, a rather famous yarn spun in Japan that has amazing long run color variations.

The blanket traveled far and wide in the yard for its photoshoot.

It has been a cool spring, so the grass is really green. Better get a shot of it before June arrives! Hope everyone is off to a fantastic week!

Garden Stars

Garden Stars

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It has been interesting to see what the stars of the garden are this year. I went bulb wild last fall and am rather happy that I did. The double Narcissus are amazing.

And of course I have my pink tulips. No white wall or fence should be without them.

The viburnums by my office door are intoxicating. They suffered a major hit during the snowstorms a few years ago (driveway snow was pushed on them and caused major limb breakage), but have recovered nicely.

I’m glad they don’t bloom all year. I don’t think my olfactory senses could take it. Hope your springs are off to an equally intoxicating start!

Snowy Morning Shawl

Snowy Morning Shawl

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It’s hard to think about the snowy morning just a few weeks ago when I started this shawl.

I whipped up a coffee cup cozy for a road warrior manager at TSS this weekend. Hopefully it will make her smile while she is walking away from all of those airport Starbucks with her Caramel Latte!

It’s a beautiful cool Spring day. The symphony in the garden has begun. Hope you can hear it where you are!



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Did I mention my new sideline? Headshots-R-Us! I decided that our management staff needed a better, consistent look on their social media channels and instead of paying a pro mucho denero, I could do it.

The lighting is minimal, softbox on remote Canon 580EX flash, and two very small sidelights that I attempting to blow out the back with. Helps that the girls are lovely. It was a lot of fun getting the right expression out of them. Probably took 100 shots each to get one to work with. Everyone has their own little thing going on that you have to deal with. Some creative post processing and voila! (Please excuse the differing crops, they are set for different channels.)

Kate, (aka Radar). Business Development Manager

Amanda (aka Herder of Developers). Product Manager

Erika (aka Style Setter). VP, Business Development

And moi. Needs to be reshot so the crop is not so close. Self Portraits are the toughest!